Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good Times with Tonj

What a weekend!
My friend Tonj came to town and visited our "sweet" abode.
She flew into town and the airline...
LOST her luggage!
Yes...true story...and she was only here 3 days...
Rest assured, we picked up the bag the next day.
She was a good sport.
Tonj has been to Vegas before and done the "normal" Vegas things...
but we (as locals)
took her to the Sahara for...
$1 hotdogs
$1 shots
$1 beer
a VERY local thing to do :)
Good times!
Then we walked a little on the strip...
had these Giant slurpie-things
~a Tonj favorite~ 
(i still don't know what they're called)
and headed home EARLY...
we're teachers-it's what we do.
We went shopping and tried out a new recipe on her
(it wasn't that great)
...we may not make it again...
Went to a new church...and decided it wasn't for us.
But ended the trip with Panera.

Tonj was brave to try many new adventures with us!
From losing her luggage,
to the $1 Sahara,
new recipes,
to a new church,
and a lot of laughter in between!

Welcome to our adventures Tonj!
Glad you could experience them with us!

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