Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Buy Black Friday VIP Contest

A few weeks ago,
Andrew decided to enter
Best Buy's Black Friday VIP Contest
in 250 words or less
he wrote:

‘Tis the morn of Black Friday, while most still a-snore,
I am camped in front of the electronics store.
With wind chills brisk and hope of sunlight to come,
My thrice bundled body is still going numb.
Within me warm anticipation starts to grow
As my watch confirms: only two hours to go!
“Why so excited?!” one may rightly exclaim,
“Are you nocturnal, cold-blooded, or simply insane?!”
Well, since I was young, I’ve always had reason
To hunt super sales, best buys of the season.
First it was my thousand-watt surround sound
With speakers and sub to rattle the ground.
Next it was my high-def monstrosity
With films to watch in crystal clarity.
Now don’t get me wrong, my buys were quite nice,
For I love tech toys at such a great price.
But all those years there was something missing.
It was the hard truth I was dismissing.
I was shopping for myself and no one more.
I was a scrooge… a grinch, right to the core!
So this year, I’m doing things differently,
For I found a reason that’s bigger than me.
It is giving my gifts, seeing my family smile!
It’s giving of myself, going that extra mile!
It’s showing I love them, with no shadow of doubt!
That, oh that, is what I’m most excited about!! 

well, just a few days ago we found the results:
That's right, the grand prize...

$1,000 gift card to Best Buy
limo ride to Best Buy
with 3 other friends
a camcorder to record the event
early entrance into the store = 30 min. before doors open

We're so say the least!!!
I'll post more when we return from St. Louis
stay tuned...



  1. WOW!!!!! HAHAHA that's sooo awesome. I'm happy for you guys! I'm not suprised...Andrew always had that knack. The only reason I knew this is because Sarah's brothers Facebook status popped up on my newsfeed..

    I've never even looked at your blog, it looks SO GOOD. I might steal some of your ideas and apparently somebody's good at HTML...?? Who takes care of this, it looks great.

    I'm gonna have to read up on you guys, I miss you tons. :)

  2. Shut up I just don't believe it. That would be so stinkin' awesome. I hope you guys spent well and enjoyed! Can't wait to see the video!! I'm expecting Nate will put together something when he wakes up.

  3. Woo hoo!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures! We love you!