Monday, February 01, 2010

The Bev's

Good Times with the Beverlins...
For Christmas my aunt Kathy got ROCKBAND.
We enjoyed testing it out :)
can you see Jess's baby bump?
Baby Mac did not come in time for New Year's.
(we were sad we couldn't meet him/her yet)

We also got to see the Cora Shop.
For those who don't know about Cora, read all about her on the Mac's

What an awesome set-up they have!
My cousin Matt made the wooden sign that says "Cora's...a few of our favorite things"
My aunt Kathy makes the dresses,
My cousin Jess designs them and posts them on their Etsy shop...Coras
My mom & I helped finish off some of the spring dresses!

We also stopped by the Cora Playground.
For those of you who helped donate to Cora's Playground...THANK YOU
it's beautiful,
and a place for kids to do what they do best...PLAY!
We enjoyed all of our time with the Beverlin Family
and can't wait to meet the newest member to the family...
Levi Jerald McClenehan

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