Thursday, April 29, 2010

carlsbad caverns {around town}

We stayed in a little bed & breakfast in Artesia, NM...known for its oil.  I learned that pretty much everything in East NM is a little like TX...everything in West NM is pretty much like AZ, and everything North of NM is like CO!  It's kinda nice having a husband who has grown up his whole life in New Mexico and can teach me a few things.
I had yet to experience Blake's Lottaburger.  They are very popular in Albuquerque, and the 7-8 years we've dated and married combined I have yet to go to the famous burger joint.  Look what we found in Carlsbad...
Delicious!  There aren't too many places that actually serve "green chilies" on a burger.  It was fantastic!

Then we drove, walked around Artesia and captured some awesome pictures!
Yep, we found this turquoise/blue Andrew became my handsome model.
We found some really unique things in Artesia...I just love the random hay outside a feed store.  That's how I know we've hit country!
More pictures of the caves to come!

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