Thursday, May 13, 2010

ian's 1st b-day {the party}

Ian seemed to really enjoy having all his friends over.  We usually don't see him interact with other kids (because it's just us "boring" grown-ups).  It was fun to see him excited to see all his friends, show them his toys and engage in a different kind of play.
...and of course it's not a party without CAKE & Bluebell ICE CREAM!  
Ian wasn't too interested in the cake...he kind of just poked at it.  Then we gave him some Bluebell ice cream and he was SOLD!  He instantly thought it was cold and didn't know what to do with was fun watching his reactions to his first time with sugar, chocolate, ice cream.  He eventually found how fun it was just to play with his food!
...and presents, of course!
This is Brooke.  She is adorable!  She instantly fell madly in love with Andrew.  Can you see her flirting with him in these pictures?  They were all of here interacting with Andrew...this is some TOUGH competition!  The last one looks like she got caught...I'm keeping my eye on her...too cute though!
...and like I said in yesterday's post, Ian was practicing a lot of WALKING...
It was fun to be altogether again.  Lately we've been missing a couple here or there, and it now felt complete with all of us there.  Time for a family pic!


  1. These pics are great! Do you mind if I save them to my computer? thanks for capturing some great pictures of my little Brooke.

  2. sure thing jenn! or i could email them to you...let me know...she's just so adorable :)