Wednesday, June 09, 2010

wedding extravaganza {deadliest catch}

When we hit the beach...we noticed a TON of people crowded around a fisherman with what looked like a GIANT fish.  (sorry for the overexposure...although it makes this photo a little mysterious about what this fisherman caught)
As we took a closer look, we definitely saw that the GIANT fish was just a hammerhead SHARK!  I guess this is pretty common, because we heard just a few days later someone caught a shark as well.  I have to admit, it made me a little more nervous getting into the ocean.  Things looked well under control, so I got really close to take some awesome pics for you all!
The fishermen got the hook out and tried to release him, but he just hung around!!  Still not sure I want to get in that "shark infested" ocean...
The fishermen FINALLY helped him make his escape out past the waves and into the ocean.  At this point, I figured I'm only here for a little while, and have to head back to the Arizona why not take the risk!  The ocean was so bath water!  So good!  

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