Tuesday, May 11, 2010

100th post

Today is my 100th post!
I wanted to thank you all for continuing to support us as we travel this year.  In a week we'll be moving to Phx, and starting a new chapter in our lives.  Thanks for your encouraging comments (we really love comments), your prayers, and keeping up with the blog.  The blog has gone through some transformations throughout the year, and although it is sometimes hard to keep up with, you all continue to regularly check up on our lives.  Thanks!

So, for my 100th post, I'm giving something back to you!
Just leave us a comment about how you will use these alphabet cards. (Click HERE to download your FREE alphabet cards made by me!)  All you have to do is download, print, cut in four parts, and voila!  Cute alphabet cards for any occasion...flash cards, decoration, gift tags, etc.  You decide!

Here's a sneak peak...

To download, click the "HERE" link in RED above.  
Enjoy!  (and don't forget to leave a comment showing how you would/did use them!)

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