Monday, May 10, 2010

they're here!

I'm so excited!!  Guess what showed up on our doorstep?  Yep, our books have been published at My Publisher and have arrived!  
I've been looking for a way to make something with all our traveling pictures (we've taken a lot).  I also didn't cart around my scrapbooking supplies either, (there just wasn't enough room...although I could've made some room for my sewing machine...second though, probably not).  So I looked into many publishing companies that publish your books into a beautiful book.  There are many companies out there, but My Publisher was easy to navigate, make, and their customer service was excellent (very prompt).  PLUS you can download it from the Costco website and get 20% off each order.  (That one sealed the deal!)
There are so many ways to make each book unique.  My Publisher has so many templates, and you can even add text if you'd like.  We were so happy to finally see them and relive all the memories!  Now they won't just be pictures stored on the hard-drive anymore...
Needless to say, we were very pleased with the results.  We made a book for each traveling experience (Texas is still a work in progress)...
We were so happy they're finally here!  They will most-likely become our new yearly albums.  So easy!  Don't take my advice, check them out for yourself at

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