Friday, May 07, 2010

summer toes

Recently Andrew & I have been called to be a part of the ministry at Christ Lutheran Church & School in Phoenix, AZ.  In just about 2 weeks, we'll be headed to Phoenix to end our long year of traveling.  I'm still having mixed feelings about "settling down".  Yes, I'm excited about owning a home, decorating, sewing, having those things we've missed during our travels (like kitchen knives, coffee mugs, counter-space, and so much more).  At the same time, I'll miss the spontaneity of getting in the car and road-tripping to amazing places, not caring how long the drive takes but enjoying the adventure.  We've had the opportunity to do so many things this year, go so many places, and have so many unique experiences.  It's sad to see that coming to a close.  I guess I can look at it that way...sad...but if anything this experience has taught us to be adventurous, and not take for granted where we live.  It's now a new way of living.  Our weekends may be busier, and time may be shorter, but we can still carve out that time...if it's important (at least I hope we can).  
Who says our adventures have to end?
So I paint my summer toes, ready for many sunny days to come, and knowing that it's only the beginning of a new chapter in our adventures, not an end.

"Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us, even as we hope in you." Psalm 33:22

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  1. True story -
    Arizona is officially farther away from CT than any other place you have lived... except CT. I did get you for a couple of months... so I can't complain.
    I miss you.
    This is the true story.
    AND - I have a layover in Phoenix this fall... not sure how long it is... but maybe we can work something out????