Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a little game of baseball

Well we've been a little busy lately...seeing friends, having adventures, living in HEAT, and working.  We're adjusting very well to the move to Phoenix, just not the unbearable 110 degree heat (however we do love living without humidity).  Andrew decided that 110 degrees was the threshold he could handle as he lives in his car doing home pediatric physical therapy...with little to no air conditioning running in his '96 Honda Accord, which by the way, now has no muffler (it rusted and fell off last week) and sounds like he should be drag racing in the desert.  Nice.  We aren't complaining though, it's a luxury to have a car in the first place and we're trying to run it to the ground.  I guess we're taking that literally!

*UPDATE*  air conditioning died in the car yesterday...sad day for the Walquists!

We did however, see a Cardinals game a while ago with our friend Becky...she loves the Cardinals!
Nice weather, but sad game as we lost to the Diamondbacks...

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  1. Love the layout! Cute idea! Sorry about the car... guess now you'll HAVE to take a break in the MT weather. :) Love you guys!