Saturday, July 03, 2010

the walquists...

During this time of weddings, it makes me think about my family "in-law", let me tell you a little about the family I married into.  Randy & Elaine are proud parents to three, Kim, Amy & Andrew.  Randy is a pastor down in Albuquerque and Elaine was a teacher for many years and now tutors and teaches piano along with a slew of other things!  They are wonderful in-laws...truely a fantastic family.  Amy & Jason met in college and Kim always said to Jason, if he had a brother...that would be perfect!...and he does...Matt.  Yep brothers married sisters...and even had a double wedding!  Quite the family!  

When I was a teenager I would pray for my future husband. I remember going to a Rebbecca St. James concert and she talked about how she used to write letters to her future husband praying for him, and stored them in a box under her bed. Then when she got married, she gave them to her husband. Well, as I prayed for my future husband, Andrew, I never thought to pray for my future family-in-law. Boy am I blessed...I not only have an amazing family of my own (I really do), but my extended family is truely a gift from God. They are prayer worriers, faithful, close, fun, game-playing, thoughtful, loving and especially welcoming. God has blessed all of us. What an answer to prayer!

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  1. Oh, Sarah, you're so sweet! We're so happy to have you as a part of the family! You're a GREAT addition!!! I love seeing how well you and Andrew complement each other. Love you!