Monday, January 17, 2011

ART: mixing tempera paint

Right after we experimented mixing colors with liquid watercolors, we used our knowledge about mixing colors and used a new medium...TEMPERA PAINT. I’ve found that the children actually know what colors to mix together by experiencing it themselves and learning from others which colors they mixed to make their color. They have learned more about colors through this experience, than if I were to teach them through a book or other tool.   

I love to use 1/2 pint canning jars for mixed paint.  They are the perfect size and now they make wide-mouth and regular-mouth canning lids that are reusable.  (Classico brand spaghetti sauce jars are also great pint jars.  The regular-mouth lids work perfectly with these too.  Wash them out and they're ready to go!)  I used primary colors as well as white and black (for shades and tints).  They LOVED being in charge of their own color!  Most would scoop all their paint in and then mix it at the very end and watch their new color unfold.  When they were finished with their color, they showed how they mixed it on the lid of their paint.  That way, if we ever wanted to re-make the same color, they would have the recipe!
The project we did next was create a mural with all their mixed paint to create Elmer the elephant’s squares of patchwork.  Murals are a great way for children to work directly with each other, and bring their artwork to the public.
Finally, we let put them on our paint shelf where they are easily accessible next to the art easel.  These have been used several times, for various art projects.  Aren't they just beautiful?

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