Monday, January 10, 2011

a little photo shoot...

So...I know I haven't blogged in a while.  I guess getting back into teaching has taken a lot of my time lately.  I'd like to do more posts about ART.  I have more to say about REAL ART in the classroom.  But for now I'll post when I can...

One of my parents in my classroom approached me about taking pictures of their handsome boys.  I was pretty nervous about it...especially since the mom is a graphic designer...and it was my very FIRST photo shoot of a family.  They were so patient with me as I barely managed to think of poses on the spot, fumbled with the settings on my camera, and kept a 5 year old entertained!  There's so much to think about, and I enjoyed every minute!  Thanks so much Amy for this opportunity!

*I realized later that these photos could have been sharpened for the web, but you get the picture...
I hope you enjoyed some of my very first photo shoot.  I'd love to do more if others ask...we'll wait and see!  I'm still learning so much about the art of being a photographer.  I hope to post more pictures soon.  I have more to say about ART...just finding the TIME is another thing!  Thanks for following!  I appreciate all your feedback.

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  1. How fun! I'm surprised this is the first person to ask you to do a photo shoot, your pictures are AWEsome! You have such a creative eye. My favs are the black and white one with the whole family, and the ones with the leaves. Don't you love how in Phx there is no winter, just a delayed fall? It's like that here too :) Miss you guys!